Record how you're feeling
Reflect on your day and easily describe your pain in less than 30 seconds
Once a Day
A reminder will ask you how you're day has been and what your pain is like
Easy & Quick
Simple sliders and checkboxes make it a breeze to record
Every section comes pre-populated, but you can personalize it to fit your specific needs

Highlight patterns and trends
Charts and graphs describe your results and get more powerful over time
Become your own advocate and take control over your pain
Monitoring pain and reflecting on accomplishments can help you better manage
See how treatments are working (or not) over time

Track how well your meds work
Add any medication to your profile and mark if it helps manage your pain
Medication Record
Track what medications you're on or have tried - by brand, ingredient, strength or dosage
Massive Drug Database
Choose from over 6,000 medications by brand or ingredient. Can't find it? Just drop us an email and we'll add it!
Mark down what medication you took, how much, and whether or not it helped

Describe your pain to your doctor
Summarize your pain through unique reports that your doctor will actually read
Use information recorded when you're in pain instead of trying to remember what happened since your last doctor visit
Free for most
Our basic reports that most people will use with their doctors are free, but even more comprehensive reports can be created for a small fee
Designed by one of Canada's leading multi-discplinary pain clinics - for doctors by doctors
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